Righteous Family is a collective of independent businesses, community organizations, ministries and families dedicated to the betterment of the Earth and our children. We work to advance self-sufficiency through cooperative economics, transformational learning, and collaborative decision-making. 

Our goal is to empower 144,000 households to become at least 70% self-sufficient by 2024. 

By self-sufficient, we mean owning the places we live and work, growing our own food, and running a family business that can be carried on for generations, no matter what condition society is in! This decreases our reliance on outside assistance and  guarantees healthier communities for future generations. By 70%, we mean that nobody has to know or do everything – but everyone can do something, so together we can do anything!

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How To Join

We are currently open to Black/Indigenous businesses and organizations that serve Black/Indigenous people. For our reasons behind this approach, please refer to this page for a recommended reading list of materials that help provide context and clarity. Reading List
For those who understand our priorities and share our values, we encourage you to support in any way possible!

How To Support

You don’t have to be a member to support our mission and the work we do! By giving any form of support, you are helping in a great way. You can share our fundraisers with your friends and family at no cost. Click or Scan our QR Code and Share:

  • If you’d like to write about us and share it widely, that’s even better!

  • If you’d like to donate money (even $1 helps!), click this link: RF Gofundme

  • If you’re local and can donate materials or services, you’ll find details on what we need at the featured page for each project.

Here’s A List Of Our Featured Projects For 2022